IP Address Management Solution

TETRA iBeacon Solution

-iBeacon Clock In/Clock Out System – provides a system for employee attendance tracking using a mobile App that is installed in their smartphone, as well as an interactive database dashboard with reporting, user profile mangement, and ibeacon inventory management.

-iBeacon Car Park System – provides a system to easily locate where you parked using the WeChat shake function, with full-map integration and directional navigation.

-iBeacon Mall Navigation System – provides a system to navigate indoor shopping mall, send offers and discounts to customer when they are nearby to a certain shop or restaurants.

IP Address Management Solution

IP Address Management Solution

-Centralized management of all DHCP, DNS, and IP Addresses (DDI) Functions, with end-to-end audit capability for compliance auditing and security.

-Extensive auditing capabilities of IPAM and DHCP audit trails, user-defined audit reports, and audit monitoring.

-Customizable interactive dashboards with address space usage visalization based on user-defined threshold levels, monitor QIP and audit database utilization, and infrastructure white listing.

IP Address Management Solution

Network Performance Management Solution

-Monitors performance of business-critical applications. Gives network-wide, real-time visibility of network-based applications such as Email, Web, DNS, and in-house applications by monitoring traffic volumes and application transaction response times.

-Discovers and monitors multivendor, multi-function network devices and servers, providing performance and trap management, centralized visibility, advanced 2D/3D topology views, reports with drilldowns, trending and capacity planning, advanced thresholds and alarms, traffic, Web, and VoIP monitoring.

-Collects Netflow and sFlow records directly from routers in the network and provides powerful traffic analysis and Top-N reporting. Identifies how the network bandwidth is being used.

-Allows users to generate custom reports and graphs of performance data from VitalSuite modules.

IP Address Management Solution

Wireless IPS Solution

-Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS), including wireless scanning, policy management and automated detection and prevention

-Robust event system and real-time alerting for response and forensics

-Pre-defined and customizable templates for automated reporting of threats and compliance status

-API for security policy creation, quarantine activities, device fingerprinting, event management and reporting

IP Address Management Solution

Wi-Fi Social Analytics Solution

-Authentication plugins using social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare), customizable Web Form, Guestbook, SMS and Clickthrough

-Wi-Fi analytics: visitors’ footfall, loyalty, engagement, conversion, top URL accessed

-Social login analytics: demographics (sex, age, location), public user profile information

-Zone-based analytics

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